Lamaro Pozzani” University College of the Knights of Labor

The Collegio Universitario dei Cavalieri del Lavoro “Lamaro Pozzani” (“Lamaro Pozzani” University College of the Knights of Labor) was founded in 1971 in Rome by the Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro (National Federation of the Knights of Labor).

It hosts about 70 students from all over Italy. They are enrolled in various degree courses at different public and non-public Universities in Rome, and are selected through particularly rigorous admission procedures. Since 2017, the College hosts also some international PhD students, who contribute to the creation of a lively international environment.

The goal of the College is to contribute to the education of young people who will be capable of reaching top positions in the most varied sectors. In order to accomplish its educational goals, the College does not offer only free room and board (each student has a single room with bathroom), but also high quality supplementary educational programs and language courses.  The educational offer of the Collegio is enriched with meetings with personalities from the institutional, business and cultural world. Furthermore, the College strongly encourages and supports study experiences abroad and exchanges with foreign universities.

Due to the excellence of its educational activities, in 2019 the College was recognized as a “University College of Merit” by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The College is entirely funded by the Federazione Nazionale dei Cavalieri del Lavoro.